How to establish a hair care routine according to your hair type.

Do you think you recognize what your hair type is but cannot appear to locate the routine that works for it? Understanding your skin kind is important for enforcing a powerful skincare routine, and figuring out your hair kind will have a sizeable effect on the efficacy of your daily hair care routine. However, determining your hair type may be less complicated stated than executed. A hair type chart can help with this.
But in case you’re completely clueless about your hair type, do not worry. we categorized all of the information on all special types of hair, in addition to the fundamentals of how to take care of every hair kind, so that you know How to establish a hair care routine according to your hair type. Excited? Let’s get started!

Determine your Hair with the help of the Hair type chart:

How to establish a hair care routine according to your hair type and In well-known, there are predominant four kinds of hair:
·        Straight Hair
·        Wavy Hair
·        Curly Hair
·        Coily Hair

Straight Hair:

Straight hair is the easiest to distinguish. If your hair does not curl or seem wavy, it sincerely means that you have straight hair. Straight hair commonly seems flat and limp due to the fact the herbal oils produced on your scalp effortlessly coat your straight hair. Even in case, your straight hair appears first-class, thin and lacks volume, your individual strands can be thick or coarse. However, due to the fact this form of hair lacks a curl sample, it seems barely much less voluminous.

Wavy Hair:

This hair type lies in between straight and curly hair. You may notice soft, large curls as it progresses from the roots toward the ends. This hair kind is typically difficult in texture. It can keep hairstyles nice. So, if you wish to straighten, curl or fashion your hair in any way, this hair kind is the maximum convenience and the very best to test with.
Depending on the sort and quantity of your wave, it’s also classified as Type 2A, Type 2B, or Type 2C.
I) Type 2A- It’s nearly as silky as direct hair, however in case you appear intently, you may see mild S curls. The hair is first-class and directly at the basis. They have subtle waves and a low quantity.
ii) Type 2B- The curls are more defined than on 2A hair, however, the root stays immediately. Curl activators are very effective at defining curls and including quantity in them. The pinnacle of the top might also have a little frizz.
iii) Type 2C- If your hair has an ‘S’ pattern from the crown vicinity, you have got Type 2c hair. This form of hair has much more defined waves, which provide keep and texture.

Curly Hair:

It isn’t difficult to decide whether or not or no longer have curly hair. If your waves form a loop, you have curly hair. Curly hair is classed into three types, much like wavy hair, based totally on the tightness and thickness of your curls. Furthermore, all curly hair is frizzy and calls for extra care and moisture.
I) Type 3A- This type of curl is normally observed in quality hair and is outstanding with the aid of extraordinarily loose, massive curls. Because of the size of the curls, keeping and styling this hair kind isn’t hard.
ii) Type 3B- This is the satisfactory and most sought-after sort of curl. These curls form stunning ringlets and are frequently visible to celebrities. The first-rate component approximately this curl type is that it is neither too thick nor too thin, which makes it extremely clean to fashion and maintain.
iii) Type 3C- If your curls are first-rate thick, coarse, and have a corkscrew structure, you maximum probably have this type of curls. Curls of kind 3c are a cross between bouncy and tight corkscrew curls. If you have kind 3c curls, you could observe that they are coarse and no longer as soft as you would love. The right product can help melt your curls.

Coily Hair:

This hair kind additionally called “African American” hair OR “Kinky Hair”, is outstanding with the aid of extraordinarily tight curls and is extraordinarily fragile. If not well cared for, it’s miles at risk of breaking.
Type 4A- This oily hair has a completely described ‘S’ curl with a very wiry texture. Type 4A is also typically skinny and sensitive, but the tight curls deliver the advent of thickness. Because your hair is prone to breakage, you ought to be extraordinarily mild whilst washing and styling it.
Type 4B- Unlike kind 4A, type 4B has a completely described ‘Z’ sample that may be thick or skinny relying on the texture of your hair. Although this hair is smooth to the touch, it is also pretty fragile and might damage effortlessly, particularly if you comb your hair often.
Type 4C- Because this hair is tightly curled, it is prone to being notably oily and frizzy. Because of the tight z-shaped curls, this is the form of curl that gives the form of a natural afro.

Ideal hair care ordinary on your hair type:

How to establish a hair care routine according to your hair type.

1. For Straight Hair:

Many humans agree that straight hair is easy to maintain and no longer requires a great deal of protection. Straight hair, on the other hand, receives greasy quickly and calls for simply a whole lot of care as different hair kinds.

Tips For Washing:

·        Use a sulfate-loose shampoo to assist cast off extra grease and dust. Certain products are particularly designed to help keep oil and grease off your scalp.

·        Unless your scalp is excessively greasy due to different factors, washing your hair every 2-three days is recommended.

Tips For Care:

·        Find the proper conditioner
·        Trim break-up ends
·        Do now not overuse products
·        Avoid brushing while your hair is wet because it causes your hair to stretch and wreck
·        Keep your style simple

2. For Wavy Hair:

This hair kind is a pass between straight and curly, making it smooth to style.

Tips For Washing:

·        Wavy hair calls for less washing than straight hair due to the fact it’s miles drier. Wavy hair should be washed each three to 4 days.
·        Using a sulfate-loose shampoo designed mainly for wavy hair should do the trick.

Tips For Care:

·        Condition—plenty! …
·        Deep situation frequently. …
·        Strike a balance between moisture and power. …
·        Lay off the warmth
·        Always oil your hair earlier than washing due to the fact wavy hair tends to be drier than different hairs
·        Do no longer overwash your hair

3. For Curly Hair:

Curly hair is tough to manage because they’re extra dry than different hairs.

Tip For Washing:

·        Use a sulfate-loose shampoo to wash your hair. Use your shampoo handiest on your scalp because that’s what wishes to be cleaned. Shampoos tend to strip vital oils and moisture from your hair, leaving it excessively dry and frizzy if applied to the shaft.
·        To keep your hair from turning too dry, handiest wash it as soon as a week.
·        Using conditioner every three-4 days can assist preserve your hair soft and nourished.

Tips For Care:

·        Conditioning your hair is more critical than shampooing it. This continues it nourished and frizz-free. You can even upload a few drops of a crucial oil for your conditioner to maintain your scalp and hair free of dryness.
·        Deep-conditioning your hair can be a crucial part of your regimen.
·        Detangle your hair inside the shower when you have applied a conditioner. This is a high-quality manner to save from breaking.
·        You can use a curl-defining cream to make those loops stand out!
·        Invest in a diffuser attachment to save you frizzy hair. These are equipment that assists your hair drying in a defined pattern to save you from getting frizzy.

4. For Coily Hair:

This hair kind is characterized by using very tight curls. It additionally tends to be very dry.

Tips For Washing:

·        Use a slight sulfate-loose shampoo to save your hair from getting too dry.
·        Focus on the roots and avoid the shafts. Shampoos generally tend to take away herbal oils from your hair.
·        You can co-wash with a conditioner every 2-three days every week.

Tips For Care:

·        Deep-situation your hair at a minimum once every week to provide it with vitamins and hydration. This will help prevent it from getting frizzy and dry.
·        You can use a moisturizing spray on your locks each day to maintain them tender and hydrated.
·        Oil your hair an hour earlier than you wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.
·        Detangle your hair whilst you are in the shower, once you circumstance it. This will prevent breakage.


·        Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday.
·        Avoid Conditioner on Your Roots.
·        Air Dry Your Hair.
·        Brush Your Hair from the Bottom Up.
·        Use Natural Oils.
·        Trim Your Hair Regularly.
·        Eat Protein Rich Foods.
·        Wash Your Hair With Lukewarm Water

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